About LA Atelier Singapore



Our LA Atelier Singapore's founder, Catherine is the brains and artisan curator of our exquisite collections.

LA Atelier Singapore is a luxury flower studio that combines luxurious, exquisiteness, seasonal and elegant couture of floral collections. 

In LA Atelier Singapore, flowers are our profession passion. We love everything from their delicate petals to organic beauty to the enduring impressions they leave.


With every creation we made, every arrangement we styled, and every bloom we select, we ensure the exclusiveness of our floral designs.

Our creation aesthetic is a combination of the organic, elegant and delicate love.

We believe in the magical spark of pairing stunning blooms with natural, organic, and Haute elements. To us, there is nothing more beautiful than simplicity.

Be it a celebration bouquet for your significant half or a ready-to-go bouquet for a friend, we offer beautiful floral arrangements in varied styles in our virtual store.


In LA Atelier Singapore, our passion is to combine unique designs that will impress.

We take a limited number of events and weddings each year to ensure the quality of our work and the integrity of our services.

To embark on your event, please contact us for further enquiries.


In LA Atelier Singapore, our passion is to combine exquisite floral styling that will enhance gorgeous interior of your office space.

We customise all our styling to fit your interior, please contact us for further enquiries.